Episcopal schools have a long history of education that is characterized by academic excellence, inclusivity, social involvement through service to others, and valuing the innate potential that every child brings to the world. St. Patrick’s is proud to be one of over 400 Episcopal elementary schools in America that provides an exceptional education to children of families of all faiths, traditions, or none. We believe that there is something to be valued and respected living in a community that proclaims the unique worth and beauty of all human beings.

St. Patrick’s Episcopal School believes that young people should be encouraged not just to share what they have with others, but to understand the issues and complexities of society and to consider what their individual responsibilities are and to take action. The objective of an Episcopal School like St. Patrick’s is to foster an education which seeks not only to develop each student academically and socially, but to prepare each student spiritually to live a creative, humane, compassionate life as a contributing member of society.

Principles of Good Practice in an
Episcopal School

The main tenants and upholding principles of an Episcopal School are: