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Aside from introducing me to life-long friends and teachers with whom I’ve stayed in touch with for over 20 years, St. Patrick’s laid a strong foundation for the rest of my academic career by giving me the study skills, social skills, and critical thinking abilities I needed to be successful in every level of academia.
Kaveh Torabian
Boston University, B.S. Human Physiology 2020
Boston University, M.S. Medical Science 2024
Rush Medical College, M.D. Orthopedic Surgery 2027
I loved the kind and open-minded atmosphere that allowed me to explore my interests. The small environment allowed me to form strong friendships with my classmates and teachers.
Aidan Hodgson
Viewpoint School 2014
Ohio State University, B.A. Business, speciality in finance and real estate 2018
I will always be grateful for the close knit sense of community that St. Patrick's gave me which has lasted to this very day. The teachers, administration, and students were all so welcoming and the small class sizes allowed me to receive the attention I needed to build my confidence before moving on to my next school.
Emma Pollon
La Reina High School 2018
Loyola Marymount University, B.A. Business Marketing 2022
St. Patrick’s was a place with a nurturing environment and sense of community that helped me grow from a shy child into a confident adult. I grew from the leadership opportunities I had there, and I made lifelong friends that are still like family to me...we never broke the bond we made at St. Patrick’s.
Isabella Chabot
Southern Methodist University, B.A. Marketing 2022
The arts program at St. Patrick’s sparked my love of creative expression early in life. Art, music, creative writing, and theater were passions I continued to pursue in high school because of the foundation I received at St. Patrick’s. I am currently pursuing a degree in Film and Television Production and am forever grateful for the creative opportunities St. Patrick’s provided me.
Annie Pollon
La Reina High School 2022
Loyola Marymount University, B.F.A. Film Production 2026
The service projects at St. Patrick’s are some of my favorite memories of the school. While I was there, I not only learned what it meant to serve, but how to do it with a smile as well. Many years later, I still love helping others and continue to find the joy in service every day.
Daniel Ibrahim
Hillcrest Christian High School 2024
I have the best memories from my fifth and sixth grade outdoor education trips to WOLF Camp and Santa Cruz Island! Each adventure extended what we learned in the classroom and gave us hands-on, real-life experiences. The trips also allowed us to bond as a class, grow leadership skills, and become more independent.
Maya Pantoja
Newbury Park High School 2026


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