St. Patrick’s Fundraising Activities




During the fall of 2013, the St. Patrick’s School Board of Trustees kicked off a three-year capital campaign to better serve our students now and in the years to come.  The school community enthusiastically supported the campaign, and as a result, St. Patrick’s was able to build a path down to the Old Meadows Park, replace the pathway to the upper playground and pay off the debt associated with the building of Canterbury Hall in 2004-2005.  

We are grateful to our school families, alumni, faculty, staff, church community, and the board of trustees for their generosity towards our wonderful school.  94% of our school families and 100% of the faculty, staff and board of trustees participated in the capital campaign.  Truly remarkable!

In late August 2016, the St. Patrick’s school community will celebrate the successful completion of the “Pathway to the Future” capital campaign with a picnic at the Old Meadows Park. During the picnic the board of trustees will express their deep appreciation towards the school families for helping the school achieve its goals of  improving the campus and school programs.  It should also prove to be a day of fellowship and fun.